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NCFI is part of the family of companies serving American families and businesses for decades founded on the legacy of innovation and service created by Tom Barnhardt, founder of the Charlotte-based Barnhardt Manufacturing Company. The legacy began in 1900 when Tom Barnhardt founded a cotton batting company dedicated to providing quality products, exceptional customer service, and strong support for the local community.

His cotton batting was created from the waste cotton from nearby mills. The quality of batting his company produced was so impressive, Barnhardt's product was the first cotton every used in automobiles made by the Packard Motor Car Company. Soon, other uses for his products were being developed. By 1914, Barnhardt products could be found in the first cotton filters for use in the manufacture of rayon and acetate yarns. World War I increased the demand for cotton, and the company became a major supplier to the Red Cross of non-surgical, unbleached batting used for orthopedic padding. In the years that followed, Barnhardt's cotton batting was used in upholstery fabrics and cushioning materials. Even through the Great Depression of 1929, Barnhardt's company grew as a result of the introduction of a new line of products and the development of a bleachery that made raw cotton absorbent, brighter and purer. The bleaches used by the company are environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide, making it perfect for sterile disposables in the pharmaceutical, dental and professional beauty and spa markets.

Barnhardt Manufacturing Company's experience has expanded through its subsidiaries including NCFI, Carolina Absorbent Cotton Company, Richmond Dental, Carolina BeautiProducts and Intrinsics. While NCFI manufactures and supplies different foams to a variety of industries, each of its sister companies under the Barhardt umbrella has its own niche supplying non-woven fabrics and bleached cotton for the medical, dental and beauty industries.

As at NCFI, Barnhardt's employees are committed to integrity, quality and service - the same core values that helped make Tom Barnhardt such a success at the beginning of the 1900s.

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