Specialty Products Division that produces energy-saving Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation consumer products biolux luxguard

NCFI is a leader in high density rigid foam systems for molding millwork, picture frames, furniture parts or pop items. We are constantly developing new formulas to reduce knit lines, improve “wetting” capability and reduce air bubbles. Would you like a harder skin or maybe a more flexible part upon demold? NCFI can custom formulate to meet your exact needs.

Humidity tolerant processing reduces patching. Rapid demold for increased productivity.
Long initiation time for open mold pouring of large parts. Superior reproduction of mold detail.
Spray Foam
OEM Markets/Applications
Integral Skin Foams
Elastomers & Casting Resins
Flexible Molding Foams
High Density Rigid Foams
Low Density Rigid Foams
High Density Rigid Foams
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