Specialty Products Division that produces energy-saving Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation consumer products biolux luxguard

NCFI offers a complete line of integral skin foams using the latest technology in blowing agents. HFC-245fa and Pentane Blown systems produce thick durable skins with soft, less dense cores. Lower part weight means less material usage and a more durable skin means more satisfied consumers. Let NCFI help you explore the opportunities for once again producing “true” self-skinning parts.

Superior as protective padding. High strength properties to withstand severe usage.
Available in a wide selection of densities and firmness. Durable surfaces with high moisture resistance.
Spray Foam
OEM Markets/Applications
Integral Skin Foams
Elastomers & Casting Resins
Flexible Molding Foams
High Density Rigid Foams
Low Density Rigid Foams
High Density Rigid Foams
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