Research & Development

Our History Is Rooted in R&D

At NCFI, Research & Development isn’t just a department of our company. R&D is a critical part of our philosophy, and has been from day one. Our roots in R&D date back to one of our founders, Dr. Harris W. “Ace” Bradley.

Dr. Bradley was a research chemist who was involved with the Manhattan Project in World War II; he also worked in R&D with DuPont, where he helped develop an innovative line of plastics called urethanes.

Then, in 1964, Dr. Bradley partnered with Barnhardt Manufacturing Company to manufacture flexible polyurethane foam for the bedding and furniture industries. We’ve been innovating foam products, for a wide variety of applications, ever since.

NCFI’s R&D Center: An Innovative Advantage

MoleculesDr. Bradley’s spirit of innovation lives on today with NCFI’s R&D Center. With full development and testing capabilities, our R&D center is unique among polyurethane foam suppliers, and provides a place for our chemists and engineers to continue pushing the envelope with our products.

This means creating foams that are more effective for their given applications, and also continuing to uncover environmentally responsible solutions that are more sustainable.

The molecular structure of polyurethane can always be modified to create cutting-edge systems to meet consumer demands. That’s why our R&D team is committed to keeping NCFI at the forefront of foam technology for another 50 years.