Vision and Values

AT NCFI, we’re proud of all of our spray foam solutions. However, we’re also proud of our employees and the company culture they allow us to uphold.

Our Clear-Cut Vision

NCFI’s vision is to be a company everyone wants to work for, to be a supplier everyone wants to buy from, and to be an organization that anyone would be honored to partner with.

The Values That Guide Us, Always

Our core values determine how we operate with customers, partners, and employees alike. This list serves as our compass, and guides every endeavor and interaction at NCFI:

Family: Our employees are part of the Barnhardt family tradition, and believe in the same core values on which the company was founded.

Quality: Our products are quality products that undergo rigorous testing.

Integrity: Each employee acts with integrity, representing a century-old reputation.

Health: Every employee has the right to be healthy and happy. We have an outstanding safety program and offer a casual, friendly place to work.

Excellence: Our reputation for manufacturing excellent products is our most important asset.

Innovation: We value innovation in our product development team, our manufacturing team, and every one of our employees.

Stability: Our clear vision for the future of NCFI is rooted in our past. On these core values, we are building a company that will last for another century.

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