Lux-Guard™: Exceeding Flammability Standards

Luxury hotel poolWhen you need a high-performance flexible foam that passes the highest flammability standards, only Lux-Guard™ meets the stringent specifications that the industry demands. This high-density, high-support factor foam meets you and your customer’s demands for quality and comfort. In fact, the Ultracel combustion-modified formulation found in Lux-Guard™ passes the Boston Fire Department Seating Test, which is considered by many to be one of the most stringent flammability standards.

Quality Materials Combined With Cutting-Edge Technology

OfficeBuild-2521987MediumWith Lux-Guard™, NCFI maintains its track record of developing the best flexible foam solutions for the most exacting applications. Our approach always starts with combining the highest quality raw materials with the latest flexible foam innovations. When it comes to combustion-modified seating foam, Lux-Guard™ sets the industry standard, and is trusted for the following:

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