USDA BioPreferred

The Next Generation in Flexible Foam



NCFI Polyurethanes’ new Bio-Lux™Max5 is being hailed as the “next generation in flexible foam” because of its groundbreaking 53 percent biobased content. Bio-Lux™Max5 is the first US flexible foam to receive the USDA Bio-Preferred Program’s coveted “Certified Biobased Products” label.

Leading the Industry in BioBased Content

For years Bio-Lux™Max has led the industry with 33 percent biobased content. The release of Bio-Lux™Max5 is the largest single step toward majority renewable content in the industry’s history. Our patented process represents a radical change that completely changes the game with 53 percent biobased content.

This breakthrough reduces the volatility of petroleum-based products and allows our customers to stay on the trend of a reduced carbon footprint. It gives the manufacturer, and the end-user of upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows, and toppers the most sustainable foam available.

Commitment to Sustainability

NCFI’s commitment to greener foam is part of the company’s long history. For 50 years, the company has provided constant innovation to the market. Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, and working toward greater sustainability has been part of our processes since the early 1990s. We’ve consistently maximized the renewable content in our Bio-Lux™ product line, and that doesn’t stop with 53 percent.

With a majority of biobased content, Bio-Lux™Max5 gives our customers what they’ve been asking for: real and significant renewable content they can show their consumers. That’s a definite competitive advantage for them. The future is going to be even greener, healthier, and more sustainable.