Building Owners

Since 1967, NCFI has been manufacturing spray foam insulation solutions for agricultural, commercial, and institutional buildings. All of our spray foam insulation systems—such as our InsulStar®, Agrithane™, InsulBloc®, and Sealite™ products—create environments that are more comfortable, more energy-efficient, and much safer for building owners and end-users.

Residential Buildings

VH-411Whether in a high-rise building or an apartment complex, our spray foam insulation systems deliver unparalleled performance, and represent a sound investment to ensure your property’s durability and sustainability for years to come. Since our products can be used for a variety of applications, you can be confident that no matter your building’s insulation need, NCFI can provide it.

Schools and Institutions

SchoolSpray foam insulation is perfect for schools and institutions, especially for aging buildings that have very little insulation. These buildings are also prone to renovations that create cavities where condensation and mold growth can thrive. Our spray foam solutions solve these moisture-related problems, and provide schools and institutions—be they old or new—with more effective air and moisture barriers.

High Performance Applications

Potato Cellar 1 copyOur products are commonly used in high-performance buildings such as wood kilns, freezers, controlled-atmosphere storage for horticultural crops, wine storage tanks, industrial plants, agricultural buildings, and tanks for sprinkler systems. These are just a few examples, and the wide range should prove to building owners that we have a product to fit every type of building, no matter the building’s use.