Environmental Responsibility

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The goal for our products is to make your home comfortable and more energy-efficient. At NCFI we pride ourselves on using environmentally responsible manufacturing processes as well. That means all of our spray foam insulation systems were created with the environment in mind. Many of our spray-in-place insulations are formulated from renewable agricultural resources, and unlike other forms of insulation, they take less energy to manufacture. By specifying an NCFI insulation product, you’ll also be reducing your home or building’s environmental footprint by reducing the amount of lumber required to build it. As an example, if you specify that your architect or builder use InsulStar® spray foam insulation for your 2,500 square-foot home, you’ll effectively reduce the amount of lumber needed by two trees. That might not seem like a lot for one home, but when you view it as a neighborhood, and then a city, you can see that it accumulates quickly to make a big difference over time.