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There are significant energy costs associated with heating and cooling poultry houses, swine barns, farrowing houses, equine barns, and cold storage facilities. That’s why we developed AgriThane™. Designed for usage in industrial settings and agricultural facilities, AgriThane™ is a complete spray foam insulation system. Formulated with renewable agricultural resources, the unique properties of this product enable agricultural professionals to maximize their yields, as well as their returns on their investments.
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AgriThane™ can be applied to most types of construction materials to form a completely seamless, air and water-tight membrane. This reduces operating costs by effectively eliminating unwanted air infiltration, since side walls, end walls, and ridge caps are sealed and insulated effectively. This sprayed-in-place foam product can also be used to completely seal and insulate curtain side walls, further reducing energy consumption—and that’s for new or retrofit applications. In the end, the benefits are lower production costs, reinforced structures, and even ideal blackout conditions for improved poultry growth rates.