Celebrated National Home Designer Dan Sater Chooses NCFI’s InsulStar® SPF Insulation for New Home and to Protect Prized British Car Collection

MOUNT AIRY, NC—Dan Sater, FAIBD/CPBD/CGP, president of The Sater Companies, and an award-winning Certified Professional Building Designer, likes to collect cars. Not just any cars—vintage British Jaguars. So, when he and his wife, Debbie, decided to downsize, he had to decide how best to insulate his new custom-built home, and protect his sports car collection.

As you might guess, the new home is one of his “Dan Sater signature” designs featuring an open floor plan. He started construction on the 3,100 square feet in June 2014 on a one-acre lot in Fort Myers, Fla. Naturally Sater was most concerned about moisture and humidity entering the home. “I’m a solid believer in spray foam insulation—both open and closed cell,” Sater said, “and I recommend it to every home buyer I work with. We used NCFI’s InsulStar on our last home, and were very happy with it the nine years we lived there. I only wish we had used it in the attic above the garage, too.”

This time around Sater made that wish come true by using InsulStar for his semi-conditioned attic and the four-car garage, noting that despite the slightly higher upfront cost, he estimates in just five years the SPF insulation will pay for itself by saving him time, money, and the headache of dealing with mold and mildew issues caused by moisture seeping through ordinary legacy insulation into the home. Plus, it will keep his prized Jaguars in pristine condition.

“The project took four months over the summer to complete, and during the dry-in stage every contractor who worked on it commented on how much cooler it was inside the house even before we had the HVAC installed. All because of the spray foam insulation,” Sater said. “Sub-trades also love the SPF because it makes it much easier to access the wiring, plumbing, and other necessary elements of the home.”

Dan Sater House 2015

When asked why he chooses NCFI’s SPF insulation specifically, Sater said, “There is a genuine quality to their products and a real, consistent commitment from the company to make sure every customer is completely satisfied. I have only ever had good experiences with NCFI, and I recommend them to every one of my clients.”