NCFI Launches New Family of Websites

Mt. Airy, N.C., July 15, 2008—NCFI Polyurethanes, a U.S. leader in the manufacturing of the highest quality flexible polyurethane foam-based products used in furniture, bedding, carpet padding, marine, medical and aerospace industries and spray foam products for use in homes, office buildings, institutions and agricultural facilities, announces the launch of a new family of web sites. The three websites: corporate, insulation products, and roofing systems; feature new designs, easier navigation, more complete product information, news about NCFI customer and applicator programs, and content enhancements like stories on successful projects, customer interviews, and unique uses of NCFI products.

“The Internet has been playing a greater role in our marketing process,” says Don Schumacher, Director of Sales and Marketing, “Our web site was becoming the first stop as a source of information about our products and services. To stay ahead of this trend we needed to make NCFI sites the “go-to source” for information on SPF from technical to codes to applicator support. So we sought the help of an expert web development partner, Atlantic Webworks, and together we designed and created what we believe are the most useful web sites and tools for our customers.

“Our corporate site,, is a comprehensive site, an umbrella site, if you will, that includes both our Consumer Products and Specialty Products divisions. Visitors can easily navigate between the two to learn more about our 44 year history, the full scope of our manufacturing capabilities, our commitment to new, innovative, green and sustainable building products and methods, and our leadership in the community of U.S. manufacturing and building organizations. Or they can go straight to their products of interest. All three web sites can be accessed through the NCFI site, but also serve as stand-alone sites.

“The Insulation Products site,, is designed for people seeking more information on our energy efficient spray foam products. Whether the visitor is researching building a comfortable home, insulating an ice cream manufacturing facility or poultry house, or designing a LEEDS-certified office building, our Insulation website provides the information and the service they need to make the most informed decisions and achieve the results you desire.

Our Roofing Systems site,, helps building owners, architects, contractors, and roofing specifiers learn more about the energy efficiency, durability and weather resistance of seamless Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing systems. We’ve been providing the products for over 30 years, and this site puts all of that experience and expertise in one place that people can access at their convenience.

“Our hope,” Schumacher concludes, “Is that we provide complete, interactive, informative and attractive web sites that give our customers and our applicator partners the tools they need to make the best decisions, learn more about best practices, and see how our polyurethane products provide the comfort, durability, sustainability, and efficiency they need to make their projects a success.”


About NCFI

NCFI was organized in 1964 by research chemist, Dr. H. W. Bradley and Barnhardt Manufacturing Company. NCFI is headquartered in Mt. Airy, NC and manufactures polyurethane foam chemical systems for spray foam-in-place insulation commonly referred to as SPF, roofing, marine floatation, packaging, specialty molding, and many other uses. The company also offers a complete line of flexible foams for furniture seating, transportation seating, bedding, carpet underlay, and packaging. NCFI has manufacturing plants in High Point and Hickory, North Carolina, Dalton, Ga., and Salt Lake City, Utah. To learn more about NCFI please visit

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