NCFI Launches Website to Help Those Seeking New Careers Take Part in President Obama’s

Mount Airy, N.C., February 10, 2009—NCFI Polyurethanes, a leading U.S. manufacturing company, announced today it has launched a new website to help match those seeking new careers with opportunities in the growing spray foam insulation and roofing industries.

“We’re excited about the future of spray foam insulation and the roofing industry,” says, Don Schumacher, Director of Marketing. “Sure, residential, commercial and industrial building is in a rut right now, but we’ve innovated our products to be on the crest of the wave of truly green, sustainable building. “In the United States alone, the demand for overall insulation materials is projected to grow at about 6% annually through 2012. However, the spray foam insulation market is projected to grow at much higher rates—some have even predicted more than three times that rate—even through the current downturn!

“Our high performance spray foam insulation is the future of building in this country and around the world. Instead of pulling up the drawbridge and hunkering down to wait out the storm, NCFI is getting out and helping those looking for ways to better their lives and those seeking new, exciting careers in the future of American building. These are good paying green jobs. The kind our President Obama says will revitalize the economy by creating 2.5 million jobs.”

A recent New York Times article by John Broder claims: “Details and cost of the so-called green-jobs program are still unclear, but a senior Obama aide, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss a work in progress, said it would probably include the weatherizing of hundreds of thousands of homes…”

The site,, allows those seeking job or business opportunities learn more about the industry and what it is means to be a spray foam applicator or roofer. “We designed this site to provide a real-world view of these exciting opportunities. The user can see a day-in-the-life of one of our applicators, talk to that applicator about what it takes to succeed, learn about our comprehensive GoldStar and TierOne training and support programs, and the best way to get started in their new career,” says Schumacher.

“We even show how we can help finance the start-up of new spray foam and roofing businesses,” declares Schumacher. “It’s a one-stop site: Everything someone looking for a way to secure a future for themselves and their families needs to understand, get involved and get started in this fast-growing business opportunity.”

Schumacher says the site will expand in the near future to meet the growing needs of business opportunity seekers and existing applicators. “We’re committed to manufacturing the very best, most innovative green building products, and to helping those who want—really want—to lead the future of sustainable, healthy building in our country and make a career doing it.”