NCFI Responds to Evolving Customer Needs, Creates and Launches Innovative

Mount Airy, NC—NCFI’s expanding base of customers are not only some of the most  successful trade contractors in the "green building" movement, but are also technologically savvy and accustomed to using the Internet for everything from research to making online purchases. It  only makes sense they would want to do the same with spray foam equipment and supplies.

“We—our in-house support staff and field sales people—are committed to seeking feedback from our current customers and new customers we sign up each day about what we could do to make their businesses better,” says Paul Hash, manager of technical services for NCFI. “Their  input is invaluable. We learned they want to be able to do more online, in their own time, and with ease. Knowing how quickly this industry is growing it makes sense to have a comprehensive tool like that. So, we got to work on a new Web site.”

The outcome is According to Hash it’s, “a onestop-shop, always open, when and where they want to use it. We can help design your own spray polyurethane foam (SPF) or coating set up and can build your spray rig to your customized specifications. We also stock replacement parts and special support equipment: air dryers, guns hoses, reactors and proportioners, and safety gear—the items you’ll need on a daily basis to run your spray foam insulation or coating business while saving energy and money and protecting the planet.”

Nelson Clark, senior vice president of NCFI, says, “Our customers are evolving. Their needs are changing, and we want to stay out in front of the changes. SPF Equipment Store is a powerful support tool for spray foam trade contractors. We’ve already heard from a number of our Certified Gold Star applicators that the Engineering Tech Services and Support tools are invaluable to them. Since science and technical support are our hallmarks, it’s logical for us to find the very best ways to put that power in the hands of the customer.”

Clark continues, “Another well-trafficked part of the new site is the financing tool. With the burgeoning ‘green jobs’ market, more and more people and families are getting into this business and they need financing. We’ve included information and links to sources specializing in financing for spray foam trade contractors. We put all that information and support at their fingertips anytime they choose to use it. We’ll even help walk you through the process.”

Hash recounts, “Just the other day a new company in Pennsylvania came to the site, clicked on the financing tool, went to one of the sources there, and are now in business and ready to spray NCFI products. We helped make their start-up simpler. Now, ordering supplies, finding parts, and seeking technical support and tips will be simpler for them too. Like Nelson says, it puts a powerful business tool in the hands of hard working spray foam contractors. It’s the kind of partnership that works for everyone and the kind of innovation that drives us.”


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