NCFI’s InsulStar® Spray Foam Adhesive for Roofing Decks Scores Highest in Approval for Miami-Dade High Velocity Hurricane-Zones (HVHZ)

MOUNT AIRY, NC—NCFI’s InsulStar® SPF Adhesive recently received the highest score in its category in Miami-Dade product approval process. InsulStar® had Florida product approval for some time now, but the more rigorous Miami- Dade NOA 12-0810.09 for cladding and wood connector makes it “best in class” for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ)

Wind uplift is caused by the introduction of wind pressure underneath the roof deck where it can cause the roof assembly to pull away from the rafters literally blowing, or tearing, the roof off the building. When added to the underside of the roof deck InsulStar® enhances the connection strength of the existing roof system, which helps mitigate the effects of wind uplift pressure.

“InsulStar’s® score of 142.5 psf wind uplift pressure is highest in its category,” says Jason Hoerter, PE, RRO, product manager for NCFI. “Anyone living in an HVHZ area knows the majority of damage from hurricanes—moisture intrusion, ceiling collapse, mold, and wall damage—is from roof failures. Spray-applied InsulStar® adhesive is qualified as a roof connector, and a secondary water barrier, so two-products-in-one. That means great things for the homeowner: they get peace of mind knowing the chance of their roof being blown off by wind InsulStar SPF Adhesive Miami-Dade NOA 12-0810.09 uplift in hurricanes is greatly reduced, and they save on their insurance premiums as companies offer cost reductions based on the amount of wind uplift mitigation and secondary water barrier enhancements made by the homeowner.”

Mitch Clifton, manager of business dev. for NCFI, says the product has been well accepted in Florida, and along the Gulf Coast. “We’ve seen some really impressive adoption numbers in high wind event areas like Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Miami-Dade approval for InsulStar® SPF Adhesive proves our dedication to making U.S. homes and buildings safer, healthier, and more energy efficient is working. I’m not surprised we’re “best in class” as our scientists and engineers would never settle for less.”

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