New NCFI Polyurethanes® Open-Cell SPF Insulation Passes Appendix X Testing – No Additional Ignition Barrier Needed

The US company’s new Sealite™ OCX Next Generation Open-Cell SPF Insulation meets or exceeds IBC and IRC requirements for installation in attics and crawlspaces without additional ignition barriers.

According to Mitch Clifton, dir. of sales at NCFI, “It’s the most exciting new product our scientists have developed in the last decade. OCX will quickly become the industry standard for consistent, simple-to-process, high yield open-cell foam insulation. The data we’ve gotten from testing OCX makes it the kind of best-of-breed product we demand. Applicators love it; builders and homeowners will love it too.”

  • Rated “best Appendix X spray foam on the market” by applicators who used it
  • Industry high yield: 16,000 to 18,000 board feet
  • No preheating of material
  • Processes and sprays great in a wide range of equipment and ambient temperatures
  • No additional ignition barrier needed in attics and crawl spaces
  • Air impermeable at 3.5 inches