Rural Kentucky Poultry Barns Get New Life with Help from NCFI Agricultural Spray Foam Insulation

AgriThane® Insulation Saves Grower on Energy Costs and Loss of Poultry from Heat or Cold

MOUNT AIRY, NC—Royce Bates says a recent job insulating reclaimed poultry houses in rural Kentucky taught him three things: There are still places GPS doesn’t know about, if you run out of milk for your cereal and ask some Mennonites for some you’ll likely get goat’s milk, and you’ll love the goat’s milk.

Bate’s company, B&B Insulation, Greenfield, TN, spent two months in Monroe County, KY, which he describes as “the middle of nowhere,” helping refurbish sixteen 510-foot chicken houses. “The owner got a federal grant to convert the old houses to hold up to 23,000 chickens each for production.” Bates says the main reason for using SPF insulation is to create a consistent environment. “AgriThane helps reduce exterior temperature pressure on the interior environment. It takes the load off the heating and cooling equipment, and saves money through lower energy costs and lower poultry mortality rates from radiant heat or extreme cold.”

Bates says the EPA wants growers to use SPF insulation. “There’s around 30-36 percent energy loss without spray foam, and an average grower can get a 1.5 years to three year payback. Just makes really good sense.”

Metzger Farms 008Metzger Farms 028-2B&B added new machines and a special trailer rig before working 13-hour days. “We sprayed AgriThane® two-pound foam up the eight foot walls to the roofline, then came back and applied a special 10 lb. foam from the slab up to 30-36 inches of the concrete footers to keep the chickens from pecking the foam. We were on a tight deadline because they had just taken a production class of chickens out and we had 60 days until they brought more chickens in,” says Bates.

“AgriThane® is the most consistent product on the market,” claims Bates. “Heck, all of NCFI’s products are. We’ve been working with them since I started in roofing about seven years ago. I trained at their applicator school up in North Carolina. They are the most innovative, most experienced company in spray foam today. And they’re a US company, which matters a lot to me, and many others in this business. They treat us like we’re part of their family.”

According to Bates, B&B completed work on 10 or the 16 houses and are going back to do the others soon. When asked if he’s ready to get back to the rural area he says, “I look forward to more of that goat’s milk, and I found I can get a cellphone signal if I go up a hill and stand on one leg on a 12 foot ladder.”

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