Geotechnical Foam

Uses & Applications

Uses & Applications


Trust and Geotechnical Go Hand-In-Hand

Geotechnical engineering demands high quality products and applicator expertise. Our geotechnical foam solutions deliver the level of trust demanded for multiple applications.

  • GEOTECHConcrete lifting, void fill, undersealing, and soil stabilization
  • Single and plural component soil and rock stabilization
  • Pipeline and pipe pads/pillows
  • Substitute backfill and void fills
  • Mine reclamation products, systems, and services
  • Crack and joint sealing
  • Post and pole setting
  • Slab repair
  • Miscellaneous polyurethane and protective coatings

 The Finest Materials for the Most Critical Applications

When it comes to geotechnical foam applications, our solutions have to meet a variety of different needs, and be dependable enough for the infrastructure we all rely on in our daily lives. That’s why our foam products contain the finest raw materials that we secure from only the most reliable sources. Once manufactured, all of our geotechnical foam systems undergo rigorous quality control testing to meet our strict standards and specifications.