You Need Innovative, High-Performance Foam Solutions. We’ve Been Providing Them for 60 Years

NCFI got its start way back in 1964 in the pioneering days of a fledgling rubber replacement polymer called polyurethanes. Research chemist and former Manhattan Project member in WWII, Dr. H. W. “Ace” Bradley, and the Charlotte-based Barnhardt Family recognized the potential for the new science and invested in that future. Bradley, who was on the original team that developed polyurethanes in the 1940s, is recognized by the Polyurethane Hall of Fame for perfecting the “One Shot” flexible foam method, a continuous production process from polymer formation to foaming that is now the industry standard. NCFI quickly became a standout leader in the innovation of flexible polyurethane foam for the bedding, furniture, and roofing industries. The NCFI team’s research led to creating and innovating some of the nation’s first residential and commercial SPF insulation in the sixties. In 1966, we moved into our present-day main manufacturing plant in Mount Airy, NC and began selling polyurethane foam around the nation and world. Our main facility/company HQ has expanded eight times while we’ve added more manufacturing facilities and training centers to our NC campus. Overall NCFI has space in NC, GA and Houston, TX. Our growth has been steady and based on our rock solid mission to produce the world’s highest quality foams, respect and protect members of the NCFI family, and responsible corporate stewardship of the environment. We proudly belong to the Barnhardt Family of companies.

If you need a foam solution, we probably make it.

The company’s growth mirrors the demand for foam in a variety of industries and for a growing number of applications. We’ve earned a reputation as the leading American innovator of polyurethane foam solutions for construction: spray foam insulation (SPF), roofing, agricultural, and geotechnical applications. We also offer foams for marine floatation, packaging, specialty molding, and too many other uses to list here, though we do under the Applications tab. All of our lines are backed by our long-standing commitment to exceptional customer service and to our reputation of being the American innovator of foam technology. We also sell and service application equipment for our foam systems.