Geotechnical Overview

NCFI geotechnical polyurethane foams are ideal choices for making repairs to sunken or misaligned concrete slab sections around residences and structures. Sunken or misaligned sidewalk sections, foundations, patios, concrete steps and driveways can be repaired in most cases by injecting NCFI geotechnical under the concrete to raise and level it to its original position, possibly avoiding costly tearout and concrete replacement.

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  • Foundation repair
  • Concrete lifting/leveling/undersealing
  • Infrastructure remediation
  • Erosion control
  • Lightweight fill
  • Pipeline trench breakers
  • Railroad crossing repair
  • Mine reclamation
  • Soil stabilization
  • Deep sub-grade polyurethane injection
  • Departments of Transportation


Since our polyurethane foams cure in minutes—most exhibit 90% of full compression strength after 15 minutes—large expansive areas can be leveled and repaired then reopened almost immediately after application. This allows for minimal downtime and major cost saving.

In most cases NCFI geotechnical polymers are injected through 5/8-inch holes drilled through the concrete slab, compared to conventional methods like as mudjacking that require much larger injection openings, and thus larger, more intrusive equipment. They also weigh more, and require longer curing times.

Our hydrophobic, or hydro-insensitive, systems are used to inject into soils or voids that may contain water. Upon injection they will maintain their physical properties during reaction and expansion. Plus, the high-density, closed-cell properties of geotechnical foam makes it resistant to water penetration.

During the injection process geotechnical foam
will flow freely into cracks and void areas, ultimately expanding to its final in-place density—which is normally greater than its free-rise density. Free-rise density is determined without any loads or restrictions placed on the geotechnical foam.

NCFI is known as the American builder’s favorite polyurethane foam manufacturing and service company since 1964, because we care about your business and how our products are used to offer the ideal solution for your needs. We are also known as the American pioneer in foam solutions for industrial, commercial, aerospace, and geotechnical applications because our mission is to drive the innovation of US engineered building products. As industry leaders we’re positioned to offer full field service and support for equipment, training, and replacement parts. We go beyond what others do. We stand by our products and you.


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