Our SPF Products Are Loved by Architects Around the World Because They Offer Excellent R-Value, Three-in-One Water and Air Barriers and Insulation, Low GWP Application, and Because They Allow Architects the Freedom of Building and Space Design. 

Explore our products below:


11-017 is our 2.0 workhorse SPF and the favorite ABAA Specified Product of architects and general contractors for commercial use with consistent 6.8 R-value and air/water protection.

InsulBloc® HFO

11-037 is the Commercial HFO 2.0 SPF version with improved R-value and yields ABAA Specified Product.


11-016 is our flagship 2.0 lb. closed-cell foam for residential and commercial use with steady 6.8 R-value. An ABAA Specified Product.

InsulStar™ HFO

11-036 is the Residential HFO 2.0 SPF version with improved R-value and yields. An ABAA Specified Product.

Insulstar Light™

12-008 is our water-blown, open-cell high-performance SPF with amazing yield for residential use with 3.7 R-value.

Insulstar 1.7™

11-033 is our closed-cell SPF in the InsulStar family formulated at 1.7 lbs. to help save the applicator money by providing astounding 7.1 R-value.

Insulstar 1.7™ HFO

11-033 is the HFO closed-cell 1.7 SPF version.


11-022 and 11-035 are the only SPF farmers and ranchers need. It’s great for pole barns, cold storage, vegetable and fruit storage, poultry houses, storage tanks, and all kinds of other agricultural uses. 6.* R-value.


10-011 and 10-011 3.0 are our celebrated line of self-adhering, seamless, high insulating SPF roofing system. Miami-Dade approved. Great R-value, and combined with our coatings an armor against intrusion, water, ice, high wind events, and UV.

EnduraTech™ HFO

10-016 is the HFO version of our self-adhering seamless, high insulating SPF roof system.

NCFI SPF Systems

NCFI manufactures SPF systems that are designed for a variety of commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional applications. While our InsulStar®, EnduraTech™, Agrithane™, and InsulBloc® SPF solutions have been formulated for specific applications, they all deliver the same level of comfort, energy efficiency, and safety that architects, builders, and specifiers like you demand for construction projects.


Spray foam insulation offers versatility for insulating your project by conforming to irregular shapes and configurations. This incredible adaptability means your designs are limited only by your imagination.

Code Compliance

All of our spray foam insulation systems are building code-compliant, so specifying them for your next project will make your life easier when it comes time for the building inspectors to visit the job site.


A building must control three elements: moisture, temperature, and air-flow. Spray foam insulation can improve these aspects of a building dramatically.

Structural Integrity

Since our solutions surpass industry standards, providing the most rigid envelope systems, a building’s durability and sustainability can be improved.

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