AgriThane™ is the most energy-efficient, closed-cell spray foam insulation system available for agricultural applications. Our SPF insulation can save the agricultural business owner considerably more on energy costs compared to traditional insulation. AgriThane helps eliminate air infiltration allowing for a more consistent and controlled environment for poultry and livestock. It can also be used for insulating liquid storage tanks, freezers, and cold storage facilities for storing perishable items, such as potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and nuts, among others.

The Many Uses of AgriThane

Because of AgriThane’s superior insulating power, airtight closed-cell formulation, and simple spray-on application, its uses in an agricultural setting are virtually limitless. Here are a few ways AgriThane can be used to cut your costs:

Liquid Storage Tanks
AgriThane can be sprayed directly on vertical or horizontal tanks of any shape, making it an excellent choice for insulating tanks and storage vessels for liquid materials such as water, fats and oils, and slurries. It can also be applied for insulating processing tanks used in the beverage and spirit processing industries.

Cold Storage and Freezer Applications
AgriThane can be used in the design and construction of cold storage and freezer facilities used to store fruits and vegetables, nuts and other perishable food items. It helps assure constant temperatures and the closed-cell design means much lower water vapor perm values per inch. It’s also an excellent insulation for processing plants, refrigerated warehouses and distribution centers.

Metal Buildings, Pole Barns, Sheds and Structures
AgriThane is an excellent choice for the farm or ranch to insulate various types of out buildings such as workshops, equipment storage, bagged or bulk feed storage, and general use type structures. It will help keep work areas comfortable in winter or summer, and will actually “tighten” a building constructed of metal panels and add to its structural integrity. It also reduces interior noise levels.

Grain Storage and Silos
AgriThane can be used to help control dust and moisture problems experienced around grain and animal feed storage by sealing cracks and seams along exterior and interior bin bottoms or tops. It also helps reduce insect migration and can conserve heat during drying. It provides an airtight seal that reduces waste during fumigation of grain storage facilities. When used with NCFI Polyurethanes EnduraTech™* line of premium roof coatings, AgriThane can also be used to refurbish old or weathered silo tops, eliminating the need for any costly replacements or repairs.

Livestock Housing
AgriThane can be used to insulate dairy barns or milk houses, swine holding or farrowing houses, horse barns, and cattle barns. It provides consistent temperature control to reduce stress levels in livestock caused by temperature extremes during summer or winter months. It can also be used to reduce radiant heat under sheds and covers during summer months.

Poultry Houses
AgriThane can be used in existing houses, new houses or for retro-fit projects. It is a superior choice for solid or curtain wall designs. By eliminating air infiltration, it can increase tunnel fan operation. It can also improve the structural integrity of older style houses. AgriThane can be formulated and applied in black providing blackout conditions.


AgriThane can save agricultural business owners and operators money by making their structures highly energy-efficient.

  • Saves considerably on monthly energy bills
  • Provides superior R-value 6.8 per inch, reducing both heating and cooling costs
  • Creates an air barrier that eliminates leaks and energy loss
  • Controls moisture to help prevent mold and mildew
  • Reduces your energy consumption, lessening your environmental impact
  • Provides consistent temperatures – no drafts, no cold or hot spots – for better production by poultry and livestock and less loss of stored harvests
  • Provides blackout – normally, golden foam is also available in black to provide blackout conditions that have been shown to improve growth rates in poultry
  • Contains renewable agricultural resources
  • Never settles, shrinks, compresses or sags, maintaining its insulation efficiency for the life of the structure
  • Strengthens walls and increases overall structural integrity by adhering and bonding to the wall surface
  • Damp-proofs by creating a seamless membrane between the inner and outer wallsHas proven insulating power – spray polyurethane foam systems have been used successfully in agricultural applications for 35 years

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