NCFI is the hands-down, recognized U.S. leader in manufacturing spray foam (SPF), OEM, and flexible polyurethane foam. Our long history of success and innovation, commitment to total customer service and support, and our drive to stay ahead of the wave of technological advances earned us the reputation as America’s best and most dedicated foam provider. We’re humbled and proud so many contractors, manufacturers, consumers, architects, and builders around the globe trust us as their foam partner. You want consistent quality you can count on day after day and year after year, true partnership in support, equipment and training, and the highest quality materials. We deliver that and much more. It’s how and why we do business, because it’s who we are. We Build America.

NCFI Construction Foam

NCFI has been manufacturing high-performance spray foam insulation (SPF) products for residential, agricultural, commercial, institutional, and industrial industries since 1967. Our spray foam insulation systems create extremely energy-efficient, comfortable, and safer environments for home and building owners and occupants. Our bona fides as good corporate stewards is evident by our receipt of the EPA’s Montreal Protocol Award and being recognized by the White House for our commitment to producing low GWP building products. If you’re building America, let’s build it together.


11-017 is our 2.0 workhorse SPF and the favorite ABAA Specified Product of architects and general contractors for commercial use with consistent 6.8 R-value and air/water protection.

InsulBloc® HFO

11-037 is the Commercial HFO 2.0 SPF version with improved R-value and yields ABAA Specified Product.


11-016 is our flagship 2.0 lb. closed-cell foam for residential and commercial use with steady 6.8 R-value. An ABAA Specified Product.

InsulStar™ HFO

11-036 is the Residential HFO 2.0 SPF version with improved R-value and yields. An ABAA Specified Product.

Insulstar Light™

12-008 is our water-blown, open-cell high-performance SPF with amazing yield for residential use with 3.7 R-value.

Insulstar 1.7™

11-033 is our closed-cell SPF in the InsulStar family formulated at 1.7 lbs. to help save the applicator money by providing astounding 7.1 R-value.

Insulstar 1.7™ HFO

11-033 is the HFO closed-cell 1.7 SPF version.


11-022 and 11-035 are the only SPF farmers and ranchers need. It’s great for pole barns, cold storage, vegetable and fruit storage, poultry houses, storage tanks, and all kinds of other agricultural uses. 6.* R-value.


10-011 and 10-011 3.0 are our celebrated line of self-adhering, seamless, high insulating SPF roofing system. Miami-Dade approved. Great R-value, and combined with our coatings an armor against intrusion, water, ice, high wind events, and UV.

EnduraTech™ HFO

10-016 is the HFO version of our self-adhering seamless, high insulating SPF roof system.

NCFI Consumer Products

Our flexible foam product line supports almost any application. From furniture, bedding, and carpet padding, to delivering specialized applications like marine and medical. Our flexible foam systems are trusted to deliver superior performance, ultimate durability, and outstanding comfort.

With NCFI’s legendary commitment to customer service, supporting you takes on an entirely different meaning: while our products lie beneath you, our dedicated team stands behind you.

Visit our NCFI consumer website for detailed information on our geotechnical consumer product foam.

NCFI Custom Solutions

If you need a foam solution, you’ll find it here. We offer custom solutions that range from I-skins, to rigid molding, to aerospace insulation, to castables and elastomerics, to void fill, and fire-rated panel foams. The possibilities are almost endless. Give us a call to discuss your specific need.

NCFI Geotechnical

NCFI geotechnical polyurethane foams are ideal choices for making repairs to sunken or misaligned concrete slab sections around residences and structures. Sunken or misaligned sidewalk sections, foundations, patios, concrete steps and driveways can be repaired in most cases by injecting NCFI geotechnical under the concrete to raise and level it to its original position, possibly avoiding costly tearout and concrete replacement.

Visit our NCFI geotechnical website for detailed information on our geotechnical polyurethane.