InsulStar® 1.7

InsulStar® 1.7  SmartSPF HFO Low GWP Insulation is ideal for contractors who need extreme yield, high R-value, and dimensional stability.

InsulStar® 1.7 is a 1.7 lb/ft3 density, closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation is applied as a viscous liquid to the wall, ceiling, attic or floors. The liquid reacts, expands, and cures in place, forming a fully adhered, seamless insulating and air-blocking membrane that helps seal walls to prevent air penetration and block outside noise pollution. The results are a quieter home, lower energy costs, and improved indoor air quality. 

The closed-cell structure of InsulStar® 1.7 blocks air movement and has a low permeance, which controls moisture vapor movement, eliminating the need for an additional vapor retarder. When moisture vapor is controlled, condensation will not occur, thus eliminating the water needed to support mold growth. InsulStar® 1.7 is naturally able to help inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus (mold) per ASTM C1338 tests. *The anti-microbial properties do not protect occupants of spaces insulated with InsulStar® 1.7 from the effects of molds, mold spores, or disease organisms that may be present in the environment.


  • Significant savings on monthly energy bills
  • Provides superior R-value of 7.1 at one inch, reducing both heating and cooling costs
  • Creates an air barrier that aids in eliminating leaks and energy loss
  • Provides a vapor retarder that controls moisture problems
  • Specially formulated to inhibit mold, mildew and bacterial growth*
  • Improves indoor air quality by helping block dust and pollutants 
  • Reduces outside noise by helping create a seamless, airtight, insulated barrier
  • Strengthens walls and increases overall structural integrity by adhering and bonding to the wall surface
  • Provides secondary water barrier
  • FEMA Class 5 Flood-Resistant Material


  • Adaptable to uniquely shaped, hard-to-insulate designs
  • Easy to install so you finish a job under budget and ahead of schedule
  • Creates a fully adhered and monolithic membrane for a seamless insulation envelope
  • Watertight within seconds of being applied
  • Can be applied to the underside of roof decks to form conditioned or cathedralized attic areas
  • Normally unusable attic area can be “harvested” by converting it into usable living space
  • Crawl space insulation can be installed in a non-vented configuration for greater energy savings
  • Building code compliant ER-0667
  • Installed by trained and highly experienced GoldStar contractors
  • Damp-proofs by creating a seamless membrane between the inner and outer walls
  • Proven insulating power – NCFI SPF systems have been applied successfully for up to 60 years

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