EnduraTech® Coatings

EnduraTech® offers advanced protective coating for waterproofing, protection from UV, mechanical, and chemical damage, and fire retardation over most substrates. Acrylic elastomeric and silicone–medium and high solids.

Your EnduraTech System can include one of two coatings according to your needs.

Acrylic Elastomeric

Acrylic coatings go down smoothly over rough and textured surfaces. They are excellent at withstanding hail, foot-traffic, and/or debris from storms and high winds. They pair well with SPF roofing systems as a seamless layer of water-resistance and protection against mechanical and chemical damage. These coatings contain high-solid elastomeric acrylic resins, reinforcing laminar pigments, and non-migrating fire retardants. They are considered advanced elastomeric technology and are ideal for the protection of high-performance SPF. Application produces a seamless, flexible, highly durable membrane with outstanding weathering ability, UV and fire resistance. Acrylics can be reinforced with roof fibers to withstand ponding water.

Recommended Uses

Acrylic can be an ideal choice for most substrates including SPF, metal roofs, BUR, asphalt, single ply, primed wood, primed metal, concrete and masonry.


Silicone can significantly extend the life expectancy of commercial roofs. Silicone applies evenly, forms a seamless waterproof membrane, high solids and white color provide brilliant cool roofing effects over SPF, won’t soften under ponding water, is permanent and show no degradation under harsh UV, provides excellent resistance to mold and staining. Silicone also offers excellent adhesion and flexibility. This coating can withstand even the harshest environments: dramatic temperature swings, daily UV exposure, and ponding water from rain, snow, wind, and hail. Its 100% silicone formula allows the coating to expand and contract with the roof. Silicone can resist water within only a few minutes of its simple application by spray, roller, or brush. VOC compliant and solvent free.

Recommended Uses

Silicone coating is excellent for most substrates
including SPF, single-ply, BUR, metal, bituminous, acrylics, urethanes, and most other roof substrates.

Silicone is the coating of choice for roof renewal
and restoration.

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