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bullet 06/17/14
US Foam Company, NCFI Polyurethanes®” Turns Fifty. Founders Included Chemist from Manhattan Project, Pioneer of Urethanes, and Charlotte-Based Cotton Company
bullet 06/10/14
VA Company Uses NCFI’s TerraThane Geo-Tech Foam System to Save Parking Lot, Time, and Money for NC Municipality
bullet 03/18/14
NCFI Polyurethanes’ GoldStar Applicator Receives Boston Angie’s List Top Five Percent “Super Service Award” for Second Year
bullet 03/11/14
Univ. of Missouri’s Historic Memorial Union, Built to Honor WWI Dead, Gets New Life with TerraThane Geotechnical Foam
bullet 02/12/14
US Forestry Service Saves Thousands with Use of TerraThane™ Geotechnical Foam by NCFI Polyurethanes at Seneca Rocks Discovery Center
bullet 08/27/13
Second Annual Tennessee Charity Auction Attracts Celebrity Buyers for Children’s Playhouses Designed and Built by Pros and Insulated with InsulStar® Spray Foam Insulation
bullet 08/13/13
Michigan’s First and Only Heart Hospital Prescribed NCFI Polyurethanes’ InsulBloc SPF Insulation for Health of the Building
bullet 08/07/13
NCFI Polyurethanes’ 46 Years of Spray Foam Manufacturing Experience Gives Customers an Advantage Selecting and Purchasing the Right Equipment
bullet 08/06/13
NCFI Polyurethanes’ Engineer, Jason Hoerter, Exemplifies US Company’s Ongoing Industry Leadership with Continued Building Science Testing
bullet 06/05/13
NCFI Geotechnical Foam, TerraThane™, Helps Contractor Save Chicagoland Apartments with Minimal Disruption to Tenants
bullet 05/21/13
NCFI Polyurethanes’ TerraThane Product Line Quickly and Quietly Improving Bottom Line for North American Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Businesses
bullet 05/07/13
NCFI’s InsulStar® Spray Foam Adhesive for Roofing Decks Scores Highest in Approval for Miami-Dade High Velocity Hurricane-Zones (HVHZ)
bullet 02/19/13
Cage-Free Pullet Starter House Saves Over 80% on Propane Costs with Help From Agri-Thane SPF Insulation by U.S. Company, NCFI Polyurethanes
bullet 02/07/13
This Old House Star Renovates His Own Historic Home In New Mexico with Help of “Super Insulation”
bullet 07/18/12
Michigan’s Sault Chippewa Tribe Modernizes Housing with US Made InsulStar SPF Insulation to Preserve Tribal Cultural Tradition and Provide for Future Savings
bullet 06/13/12
Pepsi Bottling Plant Uses TerraThane Geotechnical Polyurethane Foam by NCFI to Save Spillage and Lost Product
bullet 05/03/12
1950s Pennsylvania Home Gets New Life with LEED, Energy Star and American Building Products Like InsulStar Spray Foam Insulation. Becomes Teaching Lab for Sustainable Building
bullet 03/01/12
Award Winning Kentucky Community Hospital Uses InsulBloc SPF Insulation for “Ecologically Responsible, Energy Efficient Design.”
bullet 01/31/12
Kansas City Historic Landmark the American Royal Saves Millions by Using New Technology for Void Filling, Concrete Lifting and Leveling
bullet 11/01/11
Pipeline Contractor Uses TerraThane Advanced Technology Product in U.S.’s Challenging Marcellus Shale Region. Saves Money, Reduces Labor Costs & Erosion, and Protects Pipeline
bullet 10/20/11
New Florida Product Approval of InsulStar by NCFI Polyurethanes Confirms Top Product for Roof Hurricane Resistance for Builders and Homeowners
bullet 09/22/11
NCFI Beats the Market to ICC Approval Based on New 2012 Code
bullet 09/20/11
Challenging WV Transmission Station Pipeline Job on 58-degree Slope Uses TerraThane by U.S. Company, NCFI Polyurethanes
bullet 08/23/11
New LEED Standard Library Building at Historically Black University Protected by InsulBloc Spray Foam Insulation
bullet 08/16/11
U.S. Company, NCFI Polyurethanes, Launches Website for Geo-Technical Applications and Uses
bullet 05/03/11
KY Architectural Firm Building Better, Healthier, High-Performance Schools with Next Generation Insulation
bullet 04/19/11
2011 Solar Decathlon Lights the Way to Importance of Ultra-Energy Efficiency in US Building Industry. Top Finisher Chooses InsulStar SPF Insulation
bullet 02/17/11
Company Revitalizes Urban St. Louis Neighborhood with Green Modular Homes Built with InsulStar SPF Insulation
bullet 01/19/11
Former Resin Technology President Joins NCFI Polyurethanes
bullet 10/27/10
Minnesota Company Transforming Highway and Bridge Repair by Using NCFI Engineered Polyurethane Foam
bullet 10/26/10
Working Sub-30°F Days Can Mean More Money for Builders, Requires InsulStar and InsulBloc by NCFI, Spray Foam Insulation Recommended to Zero Degrees
bullet 10/05/10
Virginia Tech Uses NCFI’s InsulStar Spray Foam Insulation for “LUMENHAUS”; Wins Top European Energy Efficency Design Competition
bullet 08/18/10
Award-Winning Firm Builds “School of the Future” Selects InsulBloc Spray Foam Insulation for Ultra-Energy Savings
bullet 08/10/10
U.S. Space Shuttle Program Honors NCFI Polyurethanes with Supplier Quality Excellence Award
bullet 07/20/10
NCFI Spray Foam Insulation Products Approved by ABAA
bullet 06/29/10
Renovation of Historic Early Eighteenth Century Home Includes NCFI’s InsulStar Spray Foam Insulation
bullet 06/08/10
Top Independent Spray Foam Insulation Information Website Chooses NCFI to Provide Product and “Best Practices” Knowledge
bullet 05/26/10
Aldo Products, a World Leader in Coating Technology, Selects NCFI as North American Distributor of
bullet 05/18/10
Award Winning Designer, Dan Sater, Proves Luxury and Eco-Friendly Can (and Should) Live Under the Same Roof
bullet 05/05/10
Rebuilding New Orleans with NCFI Spray Foam Insulation
bullet 04/28/10
University of Illinois Chooses NCFI’s InsulStar High Performance Spray Foam Insulation to Help Win International Environmental Competition
bullet 04/20/10
NCFI Responds to Evolving Customer Needs, Creates and Launches Innovative
bullet 04/15/10
New Building Code Report Puts NCFI’s High Performance Spray Foam Insulation in Rarefied Air
bullet 03/30/10
New Aspen Home a VISION for Green, Sustainable Building Thanks in Part to NCFI’s InsulStar Spray Foam Insulation
bullet 03/24/10
NCFI’s Spray Foam Helps U.S. Army Build Better, Healthier, More Comfortable Housing for Soldiers at Fort Bragg
bullet 03/18/10
New Residential Development in Maryland and NCFI Spray Foam Define What it Means to go Green
bullet 02/23/10
NCFI-Lubrizol Study of SPF and CPVC
bullet 12/03/09
Initiatives: Green Collar Workers Strengthen Building Economy
bullet 11/19/09
BE&K Building Group Wins Award for Helping Cherokee Nation Maintain Tribal Tradition of Environmental Stewardship
bullet 10/01/09
Beyond Green! SPF Crew Takes House to Next Level
bullet 08/11/09
Silver Lining for Green Building Industry
bullet 05/20/09
NCFI Spray Foam Insulation Chosen as one of 10 Eco-Friendly Products for 2009
bullet 04/30/09
InsulStar Chosen as a Top Ten Green Product
bullet 04/01/09
SPF Helps Cherokee Band Continue 10k-Year Environmental Tradition
bullet 02/10/09
NCFI Launches Website to Help Those Seeking New Careers Take Part in President Obama’s
bullet 02/01/09
SPF Crew Seals the Deal on Monolithic Dome Home
bullet 10/08/08
InsulStar Chosen for David Gottfried’s Deep Green Home
bullet 09/05/08
NCFI Selected to Insulate Featured Visionary
bullet 07/21/08
NCFI Launches New Family of Websites
bullet 05/28/08
NCFI Steps up Efforts to Help Poultry Producers Beat the Heat This Summer