NCFI Polyurethanes Announces Staycell ONE STEP 502 Intumescent Spray Foam Now Approved as a Code-compliant Thermal Barrier for InsulStar SmartSPF and InsulBloc SmartSPF HFO Spray Foam Products.

12 January 2024

MOUNT AIRY, NC—NCFI Polyurethanes, a leading U.S. manufacturer of spray foam insulation, announces their IAPMO UES Evaluation Report No. 667 now includes Staycell ONE STEP® 502 intumescent spray foam as a code-compliant thermal barrier when applied to InsulStar® SmartSPF™ and InsulBloc® SmartSPF™ insulations.

“These closed-cell, ‘hybrid systems’ are code-compliant as a result of passing the UL 1715 large-scale fire test listed in the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC),” says Mitch Clifton, EVP of NCFI’s Construction Foam Division. “Staycell ONE STEP 502 provides insulation and thermal barrier performance in a single product enabling InsulStar SmartSPF and InsulBloc SmartSPF to provide cost-effective insulation systems for new and existing buildings.”

Clifton says the primary benefits of Staycell ONE STEP 502 are lower material costs per square foot, assurance of proper coverage in a single application, and sprayable at lower temperatures.

According to Clifton, hybrid systems are specified to provide fire safety during construction since unprotected foam is often exposed for days or weeks to fire sources such as trash fires, welding arcs, cutting torches and vandalism prior to installation of gypsum board.

Clifton adds, “Staycell ONE STEP® 502 is limited to use within a wall assembly only or a roof/ceiling assembly only but not together.” He suggests those interested refer to the ER667 for the specific code approvals for installing this hybrid system.

Staycell ONE STEP 502 is manufactured and patented by Preferred Solutions, Inc. based in Cleveland, Ohio.