We pioneered spray foam insulation and spray foam roofing for residential and commercial uses in the 1960s.

We were one of the first in the US to provide open-cell and closed-cell insulation in the 1970s and agricultural foam in the 1980s. We created geotechnical polyurethane foam in the 1990s. And you can bet we’ll be the first to innovate foams for new construction uses this year and long into the future.

Mitch Clifton
Executive Vice President

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11-037 is the Commercial HFO 2.0 SPF version with improved R-value and yields ABAA Specified Product.

InsulBloc® HFO

11-037 is the Commercial HFO 2.0 SPF version with improved R-value and yields ABAA Specified Product.


11-016 is our flagship 2.0 lb. closed-cell foam for residential and commercial use with steady 6.8 R-value. An ABAA Specified Product.

InsulStar™ HFO

11-036 is the Residential HFO 2.0 SPF version with improved R-value and yields. An ABAA Specified Product.

Insulstar Light™

12-008 is our water-blown, open-cell high-performance SPF with amazing yield for residential use with 3.7 R-value.

Insulstar 1.7™ HFO

11-033 is the HFO closed-cell 1.7 SPF.


11-022 and 11-035 are the only SPF farmers and ranchers need. It’s great for pole barns, cold storage, vegetable and fruit storage, poultry houses, storage tanks, and all kinds of other agricultural uses. 6.* R-value.


10-011 and 10-011 3.0 are our celebrated line of self-adhering, seamless, high insulating SPF roofing system. Miami-Dade approved. Great R-value, and combined with our coatings an armor against intrusion, water, ice, high wind events, and UV.

EnduraTech™ HFO

10-016 is the HFO version of our self-adhering seamless, high insulating SPF roof system.


We are authorized Graco and PMC distributors.

Start-ups & Training

Our contractors are part of the NCFI family, which is why we do everything in our power to provide them with the resources and certifications they need to complete their projects confidently, and successfully.

Health & Safety

At NCFI, we’re as conscientious about the health and safety of our contractors and customers as we are about the quality of our products.

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