Health and Safety

The Strictest Protocols for the Safest Work Environments

At NCFI, we’re as conscientious about the health and safety of our contractors and customers as we are about the quality of our products. This means we provide the resources and training to ensure that every contractor has the tools and skills needed to properly apply our products. This commitment means your home, building or products are as safe as possible for applicators and their customers alike.

With government regulations increasing (and changing) every day, our goal is to support our contractors with the most up-to-date training— and that’s whether you’re becoming a contractor, or ensuring your compliance as an established one.

Specialized Training for Specialized Contractors

Spray foam applications demand serious specialized training for a variety of topics:

  • the use, handling, and disposal of spray foam
  • expert equipment operation
  • engineering controls and personal protective equipment
  • possible hazards and control measures
  • fire safety and chemical health
  • the unique demands of both low and high-pressure applications.

Our rigorous training standards are an effort to ensure the highest levels of safety, and to maintain our lofty benchmarks for quality control, risk management, and product stewardship.

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