The US building industry speaks loud and clear: There is no better choice than InsulBloc® for insulating exterior walls, masonry cavity walls, and roof decks. InsulBloc is a 2-pound density, spray-in-place, closed-cell foam that forms a fully adhered and seamless insulating, damp-proofing, and air-blocking membrane. InsulBloc offers higher R-values per unit thickness than can be achieved with other types of commercial insulation. InsulBloc can be applied to any masonry or construction material, including concrete block, concrete, brick, metal, wood, laminates, and exterior sheathing boards, and it conforms to any geometric shape, insulating around brick ties, corners, angles and curves. InsulBloc leaves no gaps or joints, eliminating thermal bridging and thermal bypass associated with preformed boards.

Building Owner Benefits

InsulBloc high-performance insulation can save property owners money while helping make their building healthier and more comfortable.

  • Saves on monthly energy bills
  • Provides superior R-value greater than 6 per inch, reducing both heating and cooling costs
  • Creates an air barrier that eliminates leaks and energy loss
  • Provides a vapor retarder that controls moisture problems
  • Water barrier that blocks wind-driven rain, preventing water damage and repair cost
  • Improves indoor air quality by keeping out dust and pollutants
  • Reduces your energy consumption and lessens your environmental impact
  • Provides consistent interior temperatures – no drafts, no cold or hot spots
  • Reduces outside noise by creating a seamless, airtight insulated barrier
  • Never settles, shrinks, compresses or sags, maintaining its insulation efficiency for the life of the building
  • Proven insulating power – spray polyurethane foam systems have been applied successfully for up to 60 years

Architect Benefits

InsulBloc high-performance insulation provides architects with the highest quality spray foam technology on the market today, offering these benefits:

  • Adaptable to uniquely shaped structures and difficult-to-insulate designs
  • Easy to install so the job is finished under budget and ahead of schedule
  • Insulates, damp-proofs and air seals in one step, creating a seamless membrane
  • Watertight within seconds of being applied. Seals roof to wall joints, blocking wind-driven rain penetration
  • FEMA Class 5 Flood Resistant Material.
  • Uses no harmful ozone-depleting chemicals – NCFI was awarded the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award and has recently been recognized by the White House for its SmartSPF® efforts to eliminate HFCs from engineered building products
  • Proven Performance –– for up to 60 years, InsulBloc has been used as a high-performance insulation solution
  • NCFI design consultants provide design details, specifications, and answers to your code compliance questions

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