Solutions for Geotechnical

  • Chicagoland Apartment Complex Needed Foundation Repair and Floor Leveling With Minimal Disruption to Tenants
  • Erosion Threatens Parking Structure in Posh Downtown Dallas. Contractor Uses TerraThane™ to Save the Structure and the Owner Millions of Dollars.
  • Concrete Highway Slab Lifting Case Study: Fargo, ND
  • NCFI’s TerraThane™ Helps Improve Houston’s Busy Highways
  • Soil Beneath Historic Landmark, The American Royal, Erodes and Concrete Slab Floor Becomes Uneven
  • Pepsi Bottling Plant in Nashville, TN Uses TerraThane™ by NCFI to Save Spillage and Lost Product
  • Convention Center Built on Reclaimed Riverbed Suffers from Settling, Erosion, and Construction Issues. Contractor Uses TerraThane™ to Fill Voids, and Raise and Level Concrete Slabs.
  • Visitor’s Center for Eastern U.S.’s Most Popular Rock Climbing Destination Needs Concrete Slab Lifting Without Closing Doors.
  • Trench Breakers, Pads, and Pillows for Pipeline in Challenging Conditions