Chicagoland Apartment Complex Needed Foundation Repair and Floor Leveling With Minimal Disruption to Tenants

When new owners began making renovations to a 17-building apartment complex in Rolling Meadows, IL, they discovered one 18,000 sq. ft. building suffering from voids in the soil beneath the slabs ranging from five inches to almost two feet in diameter caused by the stratified compacting of the historically hydric wetlands sedimentary soil, and water and sewer main breaks over the years. The voids caused uneven floors and left the door open for future problems like mold.

The owners called in Atlas Restoration, a Buffalo, IL, company specializing in correcting concrete slab displacement by locating the voids in the subsoil, filling them, and lifting the concrete slabs to level. Atlas president, and former president of the Concrete Repair Institute, Marty Sobelman said, “The owners needed the work done with minimal disruption to the comfort of their tenants.” This is a big factor in remediation and repair work on structures like apartments, warehouses, parking garages, and concrete slab facilities that can’t afford to close down for any prolonged period of time.