Pepsi Bottling Plant in Nashville, TN Uses TerraThane™ by NCFI to Save Spillage and Lost Product

Erosion beneath warehouse’s concrete slab floor causes uneven joints and rocking slabs. Forklift drivers experience jolts, and bumps, and lose product, which in turn costs the company money.

Concrete floors are cut into smaller slabs not long after the concrete is poured and the cuts create control joints that separate a large concrete floor into smaller squares. Over time the earth beneath the concrete slabs erodes, voids form, and the slabs become uneven. Heavy machinery, like forklift traffic, traveling over the unsupported slabs can cause them to rock up and down, jarring the forklift, discomforting the driver, and costing the plant money in ruined product. Eventually breaks or fractures called “joint spalling” occur and it gets even more costly. Left unchecked spalling can spread and ruin the entire slab.