Applications for Flexible Foam

It’s Called “Flexible Foam” for a Reason

Since our flexible foam systems are so versatile, they’re counted on in a variety of unique applications. From the beds you sleep on to the carpet you walk on to the transportation you ride on, there’s a high probability that flexible foam is in use.

Aircraft/Transportation Foam

When coupled with fire-hardened technology, highly resilient foams provide a durable and comfortable option on land and in the air.

Athletic Foam

From goal post wraps to blocking pads, foam finds its way onto the fields and courts for a variety of sports.

Bedding Foam

One of the more obvious uses with the rise of memory foam mattresses and toppers, this is an application that’s entered its boom years as people seek a good night’s sleep.

Carpet Cushion

Ever wonder what the cushion is that supports the carpet you walk on everyday? It’s not a surprise: it’s foam.

Furniture Foam

Flexible foam products can be used in just about everything you sit on, including seat cushions, seat backs, and as spring replacement systems in quality-constructed furniture.

Marine Seating Foam

Much like with aircraft and transportation foam, boats need seats that provide the perfect blend of support and comfort.

Medical Foam

Hospitals and doctors’ offices are another place that demand high-performance foam, be it for furniture, tables, chairs, or pads.