Residential Concrete Rehabilitation

TerraThane has long been used to make repairs to uneven or settling sidewalks, patios, garage floors, pool decks, driveways and residential concrete slab foundations. TerraThane is a lightweight, yet strong polymer designed for geotechnical applications.

Commercial Concrete Rehabilitation

TerraThane is used to lift or level while filling void areas under light and heavy load commercial or industrial concrete floors. TerraThane can also be injected under the slab to eliminate rocking slabs with minimal void area between the slab and soils. High density, high strength and variable reactivity formulations are available.


TerraThane can be used to make repairs to undercut, or void area, beneath culverts (concrete or galvanized), joint repair of concrete box culverts and concrete junction boxes. Making repairs to precast manholes is also performed for sealing leaking or misaligned joints or filling voids on the exterior where poor soil compaction may have occurred, or where storm water has eroded surrounding soils.

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