Case Studies

NCFI’s Specialty Products Division manufactures spray foam products for use in homes, office buildings, institutions, agricultural facilities, and geotechnical applications.. You may not see our products in the buildings you visit, but they are there – making any facility you enter more comfortable and secure.

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Chicagoland Apartment Complex Needed Foundation Repair and Floor Leveling With Minimal Disruption to Tenants

Erosion Threatens Parking Structure in Posh Downtown Dallas. Contractor Uses TerraThane™ to Save the Structure and the Owner Millions of Dollars

Concrete Highway Slab Lifting Case Study: Fargo, ND

NCFI’s TerraThane™ Helps Improve Houston’s Busy Highways

Soil Beneath Historic Landmark, The American Royal, Erodes and Concrete Slab Floor Becomes Uneven

Pepsi Bottling Plant in Nashville, TN Uses TerraThane™ by NCFI to Save Spillage and Lost Product

Convention Center Built on Reclaimed Riverbed Suffers from Settling, Erosion, and Construction Issues. Contractor Uses TerraThane™ to Fill Voids, and Raise and Level Concrete Slabs

Visitor’s Center for Eastern U.S.’s Most Popular Rock Climbing Destination Needs Concrete Slab Lifting Without Closing Doors

Trench Breakers, Pads, and Pillows for Pipeline in Challenging Conditions

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