Team Terrathane

Patrick Burchett

Terrathane Product Manager

Patrick Burchett has been with NCFI Polyurethanes for 14 years starting as commercial and residential insulation and commercial roofing territory sales representative based in Fort Worth, Texas. Pat was instrumental in the formation, development, and market drive of many polyurethanes systems within the TerraThane line of products today.

Mr. Burchett is a member of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), and the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA). He is an active annual application demonstrator at the Annual Short Course, Grouting Fundamentals and Current Practices held previously at the Colorado School of Mines and now at the University of Texas. He had successfully completed the Grouting Fundamentals and Current Practices Course in 2009 at the Colorado School of Mines.

He is SPFA-PCP Certified #S00362 and has completed American Chemistry Council’s High Pressure SPF Safety Training Course in 2014. Mr. Burchett has also successfully completed the Polyurea Development Associations’ Basic and Advanced Applicator Spray courses.

Tom Gibbs

Atlantic Coast Territory Manager

Tom Gibbs comes to NCFI with excellent field experience as an NCFI customer for the last six years using both insulation and geotech products. His former company, Urethane Technologies, did geotechnical work ranging from slab repairs to larger projects including large void fills under bridges, pool reclamation projects, and other foundation repair projects.  Tom has exceptional knowledge of water migration and its effect on both residential and commercial structures as well as the application and installation of push pier products and helical pier products from his years of hands-on experience in the waterproofing and foundation repair industry. He served as Operations Manager in Tennessee for a national waterproofing and foundation repair company.

Tom has completed the American Chemistry Council’s High Pressure SPF Safety Training Course.

  • 38th Annual Short Course Grouting Fundamentals and Current Practice, University of Texas at Austin 2017
  • Ontario Working at Heights Course 2018
  • TransCanada HSE Field Operations Course 2018
  • OSHA Confined Space Course 2018

Ronnie Simmons

Technical Services

Ronnie Simmons has 17 years experience troubleshooting equipment for packaging, roofing, commercial and residential, OEM (in-plant systems) and GPF foams. He has served as NCFI’s lead in professionalizing and providing training and support for foam contractors with an internal program of hands-on training on the proper use of equipment and advanced techniques for trench-breakers for pipeline, manholes/utility access, void filling, and concrete lifting. Ronnie has extensive experience with nuclear remediation at Oak Ridge, Tn. and the Hanford nuclear site in Washington State.

Ronnie is certified in operations, maintenance, and diagnostic analysis of urethane equipment, auxiliary equipment, and application techniques from NCFI, Graco, PMC, and Gusmer.

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