Chip Holton

Chip Holton has served as the fifth president of NCFI Polyurethanes since the organization’s founding in 1964. Under Holton’s leadership over the past decade, NCFI has experienced significant growth and success.

Chip is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in engineering and served as an officer in the U.S. Army before entering the corporate world. He describes his leadership style as being a direct result of his military education and experience, and his time at GE as the foundation for leading people and processes.

Chip’s corporate career began at Alcatel’s (now Alcatel-Lucent) fiber optics division, where he served in various roles from line supervisor to plant manager. He then joined GE Plastics in 2003 as the Southeast Region Operations Manager, overseeing logistics, distribution, and manufacturing for up to 13 facilities. Chip credits his time at GE for providing him a “very process-oriented approach to achieve a desired outcome.”

Prior to joining NCFI, Chip served as Vice President of U.S. Operations for the Swiss company Jacob Holm Industries, a leading manufacturer of nonwoven roll goods. It was at Jacob Holm where he first connected with NCFI’s parent company, Barnhardt, leading to Chip’s transition to NCFI as Director of Operations in 2012 and then President in 2014.

Since becoming President, Chip has steered NCFI towards operational excellence, manufacturing safety and efficiency, and national expansion. Under his leadership, NCFI opened a new, technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Texas, positioning the company as a nimble, lean, and fast-moving organization.

Chip says his commitment is to continue NCFI’s well-earned reputation as a U.S. company that operates with the utmost integrity; “providing employees with a positive and enabling work environment, where they can thrive and support their families.”

In addition to his role at NCFI, he has served as the President of the Polyurethane Foam Association for 6 years.