Josh Burcaw

Joshua Burcaw boasts an illustrious 28-year career marked by a profound dedication to industry advancement and team empowerment. His journey began in 1996, during college breaks, when he immersed himself in the world of concrete lifting and stabilization under the tutelage of the original patent holder of the technology. From the humble beginnings of sweeping floors and drilling holes, Josh swiftly ascended the ranks, evolving into roles ranging from lead-man to CEO over the span of his tenure.

With a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape, Josh has been intricately involved in every facet of operations, from spearheading projects encompassing diverse scales, from residential to expansive department of transportation ventures, to steering overarching strategic initiatives encompassing business management, finance, M&A, licensing, marketing, and strategic planning.

Josh’s overarching goal is to cultivate the preeminent “team” within the industry while positioning his organization as the foremost manufacturer of geotechnical chemicals in North America. Reflecting on the past five years, he views the team’s achievements as a testament to their collective talent. However, fueled by an appetite for progress, Josh has set his division’s goal to control over 75% of the geotechnical chemical market.

A true trailblazer within the realm of geotechnical solutions, Josh regards himself as one of the pioneering figures in the U.S. industry. His enduring passion for the field, coupled with his extensive tenure, distinguishes him as a rare executive who continues to shape and elevate the industry’s trajectory, reaffirming his status as a driving force behind its evolution and growth.