Todd Wishneski

Todd Wishneski is recognized as a major player in the urethanes industry. His contributions have been key to the development of nearly a dozen patents, a testament to his innovative spirit and commitment to progress. He says his philosophy about business stems from his belief “there is always a solution” waiting to be discovered.

Todd says his early college experience at U. Conn. using innovative thinking and modification of an existing process to solve a unique engineering challenge ignited his passion for working with polyurethanes. He remains deeply involved in the industry as a thought leader and practitioner.

With an impressive 37 years of experience in the polyurethane field, Todd has explored nearly every facet of the industry. His journey includes:

  • 4 years at Olin Urethanes Systems (Autofroth), where he gained foundational knowledge.
  • 16 years with Carpenter Co., split evenly between technical and business roles.
  • 12 years at BASF, focusing on the construction and spray foam business from a technical perspective.

Todd holds a BS degree in mechanical engineer/material science from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University.