NCFI opens what company president, Chip Holton, says is the “most advanced manufacturing facility in the industry” in Houston, Tx.

According to Holton, NCFI’s Construction Foam Division, which produces SPF roofing and coatings under the Enduratech brand, residential SPF insulation under the InsulStar, InsulStar 1.7, and InsulStar Light brands, and commercial SPF insulation under the InsulStar and InsulBloc brands has experienced consistent growth over the past five years, while their geotechnical division’s Terrathane brand is also experiencing steady growth. “Our plan for sustainable growth went into effect about five years ago. As an independent company we knew we’d have to be nimble enough to shift our product lines and switch capacity from one plant to another as we grew. With the new Texas footprint, we’re closer to raw materials, and we’re in the middle of one of the strongest building markets in the US—Texas and the Southwest. We have direct access to almost all of the US population.”