Specialty Products Division that produces energy-saving Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation consumer products biolux luxguard Custom Formulated Products

Flexible Foam
Flexible polyurethane foam is unique in that it can be chemically tailor-made to meet customer requirements concerning such characteristics as degree of firmness or softness, weight, resiliency, and durability. Such versatility gives our customers a product quality range and cost-effectiveness in cushioning materials that is found only in polyurethane foam.

Custom Formulated Products
A polyurethane foam-in-place system combines two primary chemicals in pre-formulated amounts so they need only be mixed and dispensed to make polyurethane foam for use in insulation, flotation, packaging, various types of moldings, a myriad of specialty applications, and as insulation for fuel tanks in the U.S. space program.

Residential Insulation
Products which not only provide superior insulation, but also provide comfort and significant energy savings to the homeowner.

Commercial and Institutional Insulation
Air barrier and insulation products to create high performance low operating cost buildings

Agricultural Insulation
Improve efficiency and lower operating costs for agricultural production and storage facilities such a poultry houses and cold storage.

Industrial Insulation
Durable and effective insulation for pipes, tanks, and transportation.

Commercial Roofing Systems
Monolithic and seamless coated roof systems for new and reroofing applications

Specialty Products – Custom Formulated Products
State of the art polyurethane formulation technologies, including renewable and recycled material resources and advanced, environmentally friendly blowing agents

Insulated Products
Insulated Construction Panels, Molded Food Service Items, Walk-in Cooler Components, Picnic Coolers

Custom Molding
Integral skin and flexible and high density rigid foams for a myriad of consumer and industrial applications

Taxidermy and Targets
Rigid molding foams that achieve the properties demanded by professionals and hobbyists.

Rigid foams that meet the stringent requirements of the US Coast Guard.

Architectural Decorative Products:
High density rigid foams and hard coat elastomers for interior and exterior trim work.

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