Integral Skin/ High-Resilience

Integral Skin and High-Resilience Flexible Foams

1Our integral skin foams utilize the latest technology in blowing agents. HFC-245fa, 365 mfc, and Pentane-Blown systems produce thick, durable skins with soft cores that aren’t too dense. Lower part weight means less material usage, while a more durable skin allows for more consumer protection and comfort. We can provide a wide selection of densities and firmnesses—even for applications that require severe usage or moisture resistance.

We also offer a full line of water-blown flexible foams that provide: excellent adhesion to vinyl and fabrics; visco-elastic “memory foams” for the ultimate in comfort; high-strength properties that withstand severe usage; and superior dynamic cushioning properties. Our specialty foams are perfectly suited for molding seats, medical pads, and promotional items—as well as anything your imagination can dream up.