Rigid Molding

Rigid Molding (High and Low Density Foams)

FinishedCUSTOMproductNCFI is a leader in high-density rigid foam systems for molding millwork, picture frames, furniture parts, or P-O-P items. Our high-density molding formulas reduce knit lines, improve “wetting” capability, and reduce air bubbles. If you need a harder skin or a more flexible part, we can custom formulate a solution that meets your exact needs.

NCFI provides a complete line of low-density rigid foams for virtually any application, and we’re an industry leader in taxidermy foam systems. We were one of the first companies to offer blended systems in water, 245fa, 365mfc, and hydrocarbon-blown foams for taxidermy and other molding applications. Our low-density rigid foams deliver excellent reproduction of mold detail, light color, and blemish-free surfaces.