NCFI Selected to Insulate Featured Visionary “Showhouse” at West Coast Green 2008

Mt. Airy, N.C., Sept. 2, 2008—NCFI Polyurethanes has been selected to insulate the featured “Showhouse” at one of the most exciting and largest green building/living shows in the U.S., West Coast Green 2008.

This year’s event, which is being called the “largest conference and expo on green innovation,” is taking place at the San Jose Convention Center, Sept. 25-27. The event features a “Showhouse”—a model of what show organizers say exemplifies the best practices of green design, techniques, and products. This
year’s Showhouse is a 1,700 sq ft, two-story house made of reused shipping containers, and be built right on the tradeshow floor.

NCFI, a U.S. leader in the manufacturing of the highest quality sustainable spray foam products for use in homes, office buildings, institutions and agricultural facilities, was selected to insulate the show’s model Showhouse. “We’re excited and honored to be part of the West Coast Green 2008 Showhouse,” says Don Schumacher, NCFI’s Director of Marketing. “People come from all over the world to find the bestof-the-best in green building at the pinnacle of green building events. The WCG Showhouse is a tangible model—something they can see and feel for themselves—what we can make happen when we put revolutionary green products and building techniques into practice.

“We work awfully hard to manufacture a foam product we believe to be the very nexus of sustainable building—safe, healthy, durable, lasting for the life of the home, and highest R-value insulation sprayed onto and into homes and buildings. It’s a true honor that our InsulStar® residential foam is being
included to protect and provide sustainable insulation for this visionary green showcase house.”

“We’re making products that home owners and builders trust to make their homes and buildings more sustainable by saving energy, improving indoor air quality and providing extra durability and strength,” says Schumacher.

NCFI is recipient of the EPA’s Stratospheric Ozone Award for helping protect the Earth’s ozone layer, an EnergyStar partner, and helps provide for LEED certification. “We’re really excited to partner with other visionary companies like SG Blocks (shipping container builder), Whirlpool, 1 Earth Forest Products, Premier Power, Sprout Studio and Gardens, and Verve Living Systems in this project. We’re also excited
to show how our product can easily insulate something as tricky as corrugated shipping containers. “It’s certainly where we shine. Spraying foam onto an uneven surface like corrugated steel shows the competitive advantage of our products over old school insulation. It’s much more efficient and the Rvalue
is higher. It just makes better green sense,” claims Schumacher.

“Plus, our representative at the Showhouse is eco-celebrity, sustainability advocate, and our good friend, Wanda Urbanska, host of the nationally broadcast PBS series Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska.”

Schumacher adds an interesting note, “Perhaps it’s not by chance that our products are insulating a reused shipping container home. Our company headquarters is in North Carolina, which also happens to be the birthplace of the inventor and ‘father’ of containerization, Malcom McLean. Mr. McLean, who
invented containerization in the 1950s—a development that revolutionized global transportation—began his career in nearby Winston-Salem.”

West Coast Green2008 will open its doors to 14,000 attendees on Sept. 25, all of whom will have the opportunity to see and hear keynote speaker, former Vice President, Oscar winner, and Nobel Laureate Al Gore. “We’re thrilled Vice President Gore will be touring our Showhouse and we look forward to
showing him, and his fellow green movement icons, the advantages of sustainable spray foam. Who knows, we could end up starring in his next movie,” jokes Schumacher.


About NCFI

NCFI was organized in 1964 by research chemist, Dr. H. W. Bradley and Barnhardt Manufacturing Company. NCFI is headquartered in Mt. Airy, NC and manufactures polyurethane foam chemical systems for spray foam-in-place insulation commonly referred to as SPF, roofing, marine floatation, packaging,
specialty molding, and many other uses. The company also offers a complete line of flexible foams for furniture seating, transportation seating, bedding, carpet underlay, and packaging. NCFI has manufacturing plants in High Point and Hickory, North Carolina, Dalton, Ga., and Salt Lake City, Utah. To
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