EnduraTech™ Products

No Matter the Roof, EnduraTech™ Has a Solution

enduratechAt NCFI, our EnduraTech™ spray foam roofing solutions have a variety of commercial and residential applications. Renowned for being durable and lightweight, EnduraTech™ uses spray foam technology that’s been trusted for over 35 years.

Copy-of-Sands-Bldg-6-1-23-13-024With EnduraTech™ you’ll immediately notice a more comfortable building environment. Our entire line of products can significantly lower maintenance costs and reduce energy consumption for building owners and property managers. For contractors and roofing professionals, these spray foam roofing systems are easy to apply and also possess the flexibility to adapt to uniquely shaped structures and difficult-to-flash penetrations.

The Perfect Mix of Value and Performance

EnduraTech™ contains the finest raw materials that we secure from only the most reliable sources. Once manufactured, all of our commercial roofing products undergo rigorous quality control testing for conformity to NCFI’s strict standards and specifications. For all of these reasons, our EnduraTech™ product line represents the best combination of value and performance in the roofing industry.

Spray Polyurethane Foam

  • 10-011 — 2.8lb Density SPF
  • 10-011 — 3.0lb Density SPF

Acrylic Coatings

  • EnduraTech R 70-012 — Standard acrylic coating for SPF and various substrates
  • EnduraTech Q 70-014 — Quickset acrylic coatings for SPF and various substrates
  • EnduraTech HT 70-015 — High tensile acrylic coating for SPF and various substrates
  • EnduraTech M 70-026 — Acrylic coating designed for metal roof restoration
  • Colors available — White, Gray, Dark Gray, Tan, and Sante Fe Tan

Silicone Coatings

Polyurethane Coatings

  • EnduraTech U 70-021 — Single component moisture-cure urethane that is illuminated and developed for SPF and various substrates

Butyl Coatings

  • EnduraTech B 70-024 — Single component, solvent-based, moisture-cure elastomeric vapor retarder coating



  • EnduraTech S 70-018 — A trowel-grade patching compound great for cracks, screw heads, seams, and other minor imperfections.

Seam Tape

EnduraTech Fabric

  • T-272 — Reinforcing fabric